Saturday, June 7, 2014

Not dead, just busy...

I know, no posts for a long time.  I haven't made any more progress on the shoes - I'm having trouble with the stitching along the top edge.

Also, I'm just back from a two week vacation.  One week camping in Yosemite, and one week visiting friends in the Bay Area.  While in San Francisco, I got to visit Britex, a really fabulous (but expensive!) fabric store.  I was last there about twenty years ago.

I was visiting a friend who was studying at Berkeley at the time, and we were exploring the city.  I ducked into a fabric store to check it out, and felt like I had walked into a magical world.  It was beautiful.  Colored bolts stacked to the ceiling in a rainbow of colors.  I didn't buy any fabric then, but I took a photo of the wall of fabric, and grabbed one of their post cards. 

That post card moved with me for years.  I might still have it.

Turns out, that store has FOUR FLOORS, one dedicated just to buttons and trim. So I went back, and this time, I spent some money.  Here's what I picked up at Britex:

Some fabrics for this year's costume - I'm going ORANGE this year!  (The one that looks brown and the one that looks red in this photo look a lot more orange in person.)

Some trim and buttons for the costume:

I don't know what I'll do with this one, but I loved it:

This gorgeous silk - very expensive, so I only got a half yard.  I think it'll make a fantastic tank top/shell.  It feels *so good*:
On the way home, we stayed one night in Ashland, and I had a chance to check out the two fabric shops in town.  Got some more stuff for the costume, and yes, that's Kaylee's tail in the photo:

In other news, I've been elected Vice Chair of Norwescon for the coming year, so I anticipate I'll be really busy.  For starters, there will be a lot of events I'll have to attend up in Seattle that I might have skipped otherwise.  Not as much time to work on the shoes as I'd like.  But - when I do make some progress, I'll post it here.