Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas is over, so now I can show you the things I made....

The long hiatus on the blog was the direct result of many projects that were gifts for people.  Also, I'm sometimes lazy about writing stuff up.

First up, I made five leather belts for friends and family.  FIVE. 

Rather than go through the whole song and dance on each one, here's a few in-progress photos and finished shots of each.  Here's the basic supplies for each belt:  A belt blank, buckle, and keeper (about $30).  Also pictured, the letter stamps for the crossword puzzle belt.

Star Wars!  A collection of basically every Star Wars graphic or logo I could find, rendered the same way as the Dwarvish belt I made back in August.  Dyed plain black.

For the crossword puzzle fan  - I actually bought a set of letter stamps, to make this one easier.  The parts of crossword puzzles came from the solution section of a "Variety Puzzles" magazine - I just left out about half the letters, and kind of meshed together a bunch of different puzzles:


The Superman belt was done in exactly the same way as the others, but rather than dying it black, I used leather paints - and then wiped over it with a black gel to make it pop a little more.

For the car fanatic, I chose a tire tread design.  I didn't have modeling tools yet, so this was all done with a flat-head screwdriver.  Seriously, you *can* do leather stuff with very minimal tools, and have it come out looking good.

 After deciding that it kind of sucked to use a screwdriver, I started looking at modelling tools.  And right about then, they were listed as a doorbuster at Tandy.  Here's the Washington Redskins' feather from their logo.  It was kind of complicated, so I made four separate templates to trace around.


Lest you think that leather belts are the *only* thing I made this year, there were also a few fun hair toys for the girls:

These are fairly fast and easy - it's just a big alligator clip, some silk flowers, feathers, crystals or beads, and hot glue.  (Very hot glue.  Ouch!) 

My mom only wanted some cushions re-upholstered, so that happened.  Also made some nice note cards for my grandmother. 

And in the race to the holidays, there were two full sets of "Jedi robes" for the nephews.  Brown robe, cream dickey, tunic, and obi/belt for each of them.  I finished these at 3pm the day before we left to do Christmas with the in-laws.  I think that's a record for me - having the whole evening free to pack!

There's just one gift left to finish - Kevin's getting a new briefcase, and it's not done yet.  Pics just as soon as it's finished!

For New Year's, we had a Star Wars themed party, at which these were on the dessert platter:

Because Han Solo in Peppermint Bark is much tastier than Han Solo in Carbonite....

There's a few projects piling up for the start of the new year already, too.  I've got a pair of purple shoes to re-make, and some green (squid) sandals for a friend.  I'm finishing up a blouse for myself.  And I need to make a seven-foot-tall "stone" cat sculpture for Norwescon.  Stay tuned for that one!  Additionally, I'll be prepping for my Norwescon panels, which I anticipate to be a lot of fun, but also a lot of stress and work. 

Here's wishing you all a very creative and productive 2016.