Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Proper photos are important!

Finally, I have good photos of some of the finished projects lately!  I think that the importance of having good pictures of your work can't be overstated.  And I have to say - I'm just thrilled with how these came out. 
All photos, with the exception of the two with Julie Bonney's copyright on them, are by Austin Lang.  While I do well enough with product shots of my shoes, occasionally enlisting the assistance of a professional is warranted.  Julie Bonney is part of the Bonney and Wills Shoe School, and took these two photos at the end of boot school.  Austin Lang is a local (Olympia) photographer who also took the gorgeous cast photos for Tartuffe. 
When I do take my own photos of finished shoes, I usually try to go somewhere outside, in nature.  The background is nice, and the lighting is generally pretty safe.  For really good product shots, you simply *must* have proper lighting, and know a lot more than I do about photography.  Costumes are particularly hard to get good photo of yourself - the difference between a selfie or a snapshot in your living room, and a professionally done photo with a backdrop and good lighting is significant.  Austin sure knows how to make me look good!
And yeah, this post is basically just picspam.





Thursday, September 17, 2015

New lasts! And the modifying of lasts....

I really like this particular last.  It's about a 2" heel, with a very nice toe shape.  It was designed by the Dr. Scholl's company as a dance shoe, and when you wear it, it shows.  It's really well designed.  And I was able to purchase 18 pairs (in a range of sizes) for a very reasonable price, from Walrus Shoe & Leather  Larry is a nice guy, but his website is a little bit out of date.  I was hoping to get the entire run of these, but this is what he had left:
As a separate purchase, I got the same last, in a specific size, and fitted it up for the first pair of shoes I'm making for someone other than myself.  Here's a couple of shots of the process of adding layers of leather to the last, to match the client's measurements:

I'm a little concerned that this last just wasn't a large enough size to begin with, since it required so much additional material.  I'm hoping it's long enough.  I guess we'll see - the nice thing about fitting up with leather like this, is that it can all be scraped off if it's not the right last for that person - and then I'll have this last in this size just waiting for the right person to come along....