Saturday, February 22, 2014

Re-cut, re-skived, and partially sewn

Finally got my (now very sharp) knife back from Universal, and boy does it make a difference.  I re-cut the black suede - here's Kaylee helping me trace the pattern onto the leather:
Cats love to help with art projects. 
Skived the top edge.  Did a much better job this time around - last time, the edge looked more like it had been nibbled at by beavers - this time, I managed to shave it down nicely.  (Skiving is shaving down the edge until it's paper-thin.)  Also sewed all the bits that needed sewing - both on the outside and the lining, and pounded down the seams.  My sewing machine can handle the heavy thread and leather only, it seems, if the leather is skived down, and isn't too stretchy.  I ended up sewing some portions by hand.

Glued in the top line tape, and turned the edges.  

The next step is to insert the silver piece in the cutout.  I cut the silver bits last night, and skived them down.  Now I need to sew them in place, and once that's done, I can sew the outside to the lining.  Just need to figure out the toggles, and then I can start lasting!