Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Multiple packages from overseas...

FOUR separate packages arrived for me today.  It's kind of crazy - wait for weeks, and then it all comes at once.

Today's windfall was:

Linda O'Keefe's book, "Shoes" - mostly pretty pictures.  I picked it up on Amazon for one penny plus shipping.  Good inspiration.

Both of the kangaroo hides I purchased on Ebay (from two different vendors) arrived today from Australia.  The "licorice" black one sort of looks like they tried to tie dye it - it was cheap, even with the international shipping, so I'm ok with that.  The second one is even better than it looked in the photo - cobalt blue, and huge. 

Finally, from the Czech Republic, a leather stamp with my sun/moon logo.  Custom order off Etsy.  Considering where it came from, very fast and very reasonably priced.  Here's what a stamp of it looks like:

Tomorrow is a day off work for me, so I'll be starting on making patterns for my shoes.  The oxford style one is still giving me trouble.  Maybe now that I have *so much* leather, in so many different colors, I'll be able to do this thing.

Maybe not.