Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dwarvish Belt

My anniversary gift to my darling husband - 10 years!  It seems like yesterday.

This was a belt blank from Tandy Leather, which I tooled into a pattern based on the Dwarvish designs in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit films.

Design drawn on:

Edges of the design cut with an exacto knife (because I lost my swivel knife) and the background stamped in with a small teardrop camouflage tool.  Where the lines intersect, a shader helps give the impression of over/under:

Dyed black with Fiebings, treated with a finish.  Edges treated with gum traganth and an edge slicker.
Buckle and keeper also from Tandy.  They make it really easy to make a belt - it comes with snaps, so assembly is really just inserting the buckle, sliding the keeper on, and pressing the snaps closed.