Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Found another source for supplies:  Sorrell Notions and Findings

Lisa Sorrell is a master cowboy boot maker.  Having the same difficulty as many of us in finding supplies, she set up shop and sells a variety of tools, adhesives, and other supplies.  As I'm already using one of her skiving knives (purchased from Bill Shanor at shoe school), I've just now picked up an appropriate sharpener for it. 

She's also got a phenomenal selection of size 33 thread - tons of amazing colors.  I'm not sure it's heavy enough for what I want to do - but it's an amazing resource to have available.

She also has a YouTube channel, and produces a periodic "It's A Boot Life" series, which includes footage of her working in her studio, product reviews, expos she attends, and a variety of miscellanea.

It also looks like Montana Leather has some Kangaroo hides - mostly earth tones, but also sky blue, lavender, and lilac - at $15.95/sq ft.  (As most hides run around 4-6 sq ft, that's about $60 - 100 per hide, which is a little high.)  So, not great prices, but some selection you might not get elsewhere.