Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Equipment!

I keep meaning to post about this, but just haven't managed to do it. 
I splurged, and bought myself a really nice, heavy-duty sewing machine.  Not a $2,500 industrial model, that comes bolted to a table and has a motor that needs to sit in a gallon of oil.  But I've tried it with leather, in the way that I use it (multiple layers, multiple textures and stretchy-ness, with and without support of some kind inside), and it will be perfectly adequate to my needs.

It's a Juki - the brand our instructor kept saying was the best - and it works really well for garments, too.  I'm finishing up a shirt in the next few days, and my sewing has never been this precise before. 

On the other hand, it only does a straight stitch.  What do I do when I want to make buttonholes?