Tuesday, March 4, 2014


These flats are supposed to go with my costume for Norwescon this year.  Since the costume is more or less Norse, I wanted to pay homage to the Norse shoe by using toggles to tie down the straps. 

It was somewhat problematic, since I had no clue when I was starting how exactly I was going to do that. 

Regardless, I made some toggles. I cut some triangles out of silver leather from the craft store - it was thicker and fluffier than I wanted to work with, but I don't have a splitter, so there wasn't much I could do about it. 

When I rolled them up, the tan colored edges showed, so I got some black leather dye and dyed the back sides:
Lesson learned here - don't touch this stuff until the dye is all the way dry - I started rolling up one of the toggles, and the silver was rubbing/sliding off of the front side.  Fortunately, once the dye was dry, that wasn't an issue. 
So - put some glue on them, rolled them up, then used the power drill to drill two little holes through, so I could sew them onto the straps.

I'm using elastic, inserted through the suede, to hold down the straps.  I don't have a better idea of how to do it at this point.  I guess we'll see if it works.  (I need to trim the ends of the elastic off from this photo.)